Composite, Glass or Stud: Choosing the right partitioning system for your office


Incorporating a commercial partitioning system into your office space is an investment. It is therefore important that you spend your money wisely by making sure your new office partition walls blend into the aesthetics of your workspace whilst serving a functional purpose to you and your colleagues.

Here at Cubex Contracts we have over 25 years of experience designing and installing partitioning systems within offices, retail stores and industrial warehouses; In that time, we have seen no end of uses and configurations – we’ve even been asked to build partitioning in a wind tunnel… yes, really!

We understand that every customer has different requirements, design specifications and budget considerations which is why it is vital they understand what office partitions are available to them and which of them will work best within their workspace. To help you choose the right partitioning system for your office, we’ve put together this blog to highlight the many concerns commercial partitioning systems can solve. So pop the kettle on, sit back and let’s find your ideal partitioning solution together:

Composite Partitioning
A firm favourite among Cubex customers is composite partitioning – and not just because it comes with an entry level price tag to support your budget! Composite partitioning systems are cost effective and can be dismantled and moved to a new location should the need ever arise (that’s handy, don’t you think?). Composite partitions are a great choice for general workspace requirements including individual offices, meeting rooms and industrial canteen areas, and they don’t take long to install either. With a large selection of frameworks and finishes to choose from, Cubex Contracts can design and install your new composite partition walls with encapsulated blinds and door frames (painted or finished with a wood veneer of your choosing). Here are a few more benefits of commercial composite partition walls we think you should know:

  • You can choose between single or double-glazed panels
  • Suitable for any commercial or warehouse space
  • Easy maintenance (scuff marks can be wiped clean)
  • Re-usable and flexible (portable)
  • Fire rated (maximum 30 minutes with solid panels)

When you partner with Cubex Contracts, we will design and construct your composite partitioning system from solid plasterboard, ensuring it is finished in high-quality vinyl wall coverings, powder coats or paint finishes. We can also incorporate fully or part glazed glass panels too if you wish – the choice is yours!

Glass Partitioning
Another popular choice among customers of Cubex Contracts is glass office partitioning because it creates a light and superior look, separating workspaces in style. We have another blog where we review how glass partitioning offers a modern twist to traditional office spaces. You can read it here, but the key benefits we want to highlight are:

  • Stylish, clean and optimises natural light
  • Sound attenuated options available
  • Low energy costs
  • Quick assembly (minimum disruption to your business)
  • Toughened glass partition
  • Choose from single or double-glazed glass panels

Commercial glass partitions work well within reception areas, conference rooms and meeting spaces, making a positive visual impact to your customers. They’re also a great way to implement privacy without losing the open space feel. And speaking of privacy, manifestations* can be added to internal glass partitions to prevent others from looking in while you’re sharing confidential data or hosting 1:1 meetings; In fact, manifestations can incorporate company designs or logos that echo your corporate branding… how great would your company logo look on your new internal glass wall? You can choose from floor to ceiling glass partitioning, and half/part glazed, incorporating internal blinds and doors to your design too. Although they are more expensive than other commercial partitioning systems, a frosted glass partition is great for any space in need of a modern transformation!

*Manifestation is a treatment that can be applied to glass windows, doors and partitions (and any other large expanses of clear glass for that matter) in order to make the glass visible, preventing injury through collisions.Stud Partitioning
Adding commercial partitioning into your office design is a great way to make use of every inch of space, and stud partitioning has numerous additional benefits including:

  • Fire protection
  • Appearance of traditional plastered walls
  • Sound attenuating qualities
  • Economical and lightweight
  • Strong and compact
  • Suitable for both commercial and warehouse spaces
  • Simple maintenance and easily repairable if damaged
  • Doors can be added in a range of finishes to match any existing furnishings
  • Skirting boards are added to protect the partition, whilst giving the impression of a solid wall

Generally speaking, stud partitioning is a galvanized steel stud frame with plasterboard either side and rockwool infill for sound attenuation. This is then taped and jointed before being decorated to give a seamless and solid wall appearance. Alternatively, it can be finished with aluminium trims and vinyl (available in an array of designs and colours). Here at Cubex Contracts we love stud partitioning and it’s one of our best sellers. We recommend incorporating a glazed element into your new commercial stud partition to help natural light through to your new workspace as it helps to create a more spacious environment.

Did you know that we also design and install jumbo stud partitioning solutions too; perfect for dividing space within industrial warehouses and factories! You can learn more about jumbo stud partitioning here.

Different commercial partitioning systems have a multitude of advantages to suit a variety of working environments within an array of industries. Based in Northamptonshire, Cubex Contracts provide a wide range of commercial fit out and refurbishment projects including office and industrial mezzanine floors, ceiling and flooring installations, office furniture and, of course, partitioning solutions for offices, retail stores and industrial workspaces. The office partition systems available with Cubex include composite, glass, stud, jumbo stud and sliding, all of which are designed and installed to accommodate our customers’ unique requirements and budgets. If you’d like to learn more about how a modern office partition could work for your office or arrange for a member of our team to visit your premises to provide a bespoke quote, speak to our experts today. You’ll be in great company when you partner with Cubex!