Calm before the storm


Hi fellow members,

As you know we face yet more wind and rain, maybe even the odd storm over the next few days, and we’re still paddling through the wettest summer in our history. Still, the garden likes it – mine has gone mad. But all this rain has to go somewhere, turning up in places you wouldn’t even think about. And that is because these places are out of sight, out of mind, until its too late and the leaks start appearing from what seems nowhere. 

Over the past few months I have provided aerial photography and videos for promoting websites, but of late I have also carried out roof and site inspections, including mapping, for any geographical movement, leaks and damage caused by storm damage and excessive water ingress. 

I have highlighted broken and slipped roof tiles, dislodged ridge tiles, bad water ingress in storm damaged chimney stacks, chimney pots ready to fall off houses, bird damage, loose solar panels, bad repairs carried out previously – now letting in rain, collapsed TV aerials, damaged guttering and drain pipes – causing water to penetrate walls… the list goes on. Some of this damage will cost a small fortune to put right, and primarily due to lack of maintenance. After all, why should we check the roof? All appears to be okay – no leaks coming through the ceiling, no cracks appearing, no water running down the walls, guttering seems fine (only noticed as you look up from the ground) – until a deluge falls from the heavens and reveals the odd issue. By then, however, the damage had been done, or was done months, if not years, before. 

Storm damage and severe weather patterns also play havoc with large sites: gardens, car parks, commercials sites/acreage, ditches, gullies, fields. But these areas of concern my not be easily accessible, and such ground surveys are time consuming, labour intensive and too expensive. But UAV (drones) with incredible cameras and sensors can carry out a quick, inexpensive survey within hours – having measured and GPS located results usually on the same day! 

My UAS aerial image and video services offer you a quick, simple, cheap and safe method of inspection, survey and mapping solution for your aerial requirements.

Check out my website and see if we can offer you any of our aerial services. 


Kevin Short (proprietor of Ise Up Aerial Image & Video).