Business Friends


As a new business, I have been inspired by the generosity of other organisations connecting and supporting me. I have also met some brilliant new people who have made me laugh and passed on their knowledge and wisdom. Over the next 6 months, I plan on sharing some of these with my extended community, to begin with, I would like to talk about some of the people I have met through Clubhouse and established friendships with.

Miyuki and Mboso Sampson, I present two shows with them both on the Marketing Cafe, Wednesdays at 7am and 12pm GMT. I must admit I spend half of the time laughing, or trying to make Mboso laugh whilst talking marketing and ranting about tech. They have real honesty and warmth to them, and I am learning a great deal about Facebook and Video marketing from them. Please check out their agency

Lora Vanderbilt is another co-presenter on the Marketing Cafe, we have bonded over marketing, a sense of humor, travel, sport, and chatting whatever is on our mind. Her understanding of the world, how to get things done, and genuine care for people is fantastic. She is someone that I plan to collaborate with in the future, I know the work would be superb. Her business consultancy is a premium quality proposition

Elizabeth Doss is an artist and creator, her gifs have been downloaded over 2.5bn times. She travels around the USA creating artwork for people, and I learned that by creating special edition gifs that you overlay on Insta it really increases the amount of time and engagements people spend on your content. I have commissioned her to build me a Richer Solutions gif and encourage my clients to work with her

Jordan Simmonds (up’pard) is a Derbyshire lad from my hometown of Ashbourne and he helps businesses with their SEO and paid social. He is a genuinely nice bloke with skills and every Saturday he gives up his time to help entrepreneurs with advice and does not expect anything in return. I am looking forward to meeting up with him for a glass of Whisky soon.

Michael Reynolds is the founder of the marketing cafe on clubhouse and the gentlemen that invited me to join as a barista 3 times a week. I really enjoy working with Michael on Friday 16.45 GMT where we chat marketing and never know what direction it’s going to take. His vision is to create a vibe where people connect on social media and make a deeper connection and form friendships – this is the reason why I am writing today’s blog. Michael runs a marketing agency in Nevada

I hope you feel inspired to connect with these people, I am glad I have.