Building Employee Loyalty with a Rewards Program


Building Employee Loyalty with a Rewards Program

A part-time hospitality agency found that, after the pandemic, its business model was shifting. Instead of operating in a customer-driven market, they were now facing a candidate-driven market, and it was crucial that they found different ways to attract employees and stand out from other agencies.

Building employee engagement and loyalty

The agency’s unique selling point is flexibility for employees, but they still require people who sign up to work a minimum of 3 event shifts per month. There was a lack of initiative to sign up for that number of shifts, and so the agency decided to bring in an employee loyalty solution that rewarded them for taking shifts.

The agency found Reward-It’s flexible loyalty programme and realised that it was exactly what they were looking for to create an employee rewards scheme.

Employee loyalty scheme

The program is set up according to the needs of the employees, and that means there are a mix of rewards. Some are fun, such as discounts on local pubs and bars, whereas others are more practical, like money off gadgets or household items.

Points can be earned by signing up to shifts, receiving positive feedback from customers, and referring friends to the agency.

The employee loyalty scheme is promoted in the agency’s marketing, as well as in an internal newsletter.

Benefits of an employee loyalty programme

After using the rewards scheme for just two months, the agency noticed a huge jump in applications. The employees that were already signed up to the agency also signed up to more shifts, and were pleased that the rewards on offer suited them.

Within those two months, the agency has already given out 60,000 points to employees, with 20,000 points redeemed for rewards.

To find out more about how you can customise Reward-It’s loyalty scheme for employee loyalty, please get in touch with a member of our expert team today.