Brand Loyalty for Takeaways


For many food and beverage establishments, it can be difficult to run a loyalty program that is flexible enough to offer your customers points whether they dine in or take their food away to eat.

With so many different ways for customers to get food nowadays, independent takeaway businesses are usually signed up to multiple delivery services whilst also having the option to eat in, and their own delivery driver. Due to this, it can be hard to keep track of whether customers are earning loyalty points when they receive their food.

One way to ensure all members of your loyalty scheme can collect the points they have earned is by implementing a brand loyalty program.

Why do takeaways and fast-food businesses need loyalty schemes?

Independent companies that manufacture food and drink products face tough competition from brands that already have a strong presence on the market. These well-known brands often dominate the market for takeaway food by using pricing, deals and offers, and a large advertising budget that reaches millions of people.

For independent brands that have a lesser position on the market, they must offer an incentive to prospective customers that makes a good first impression – and converts them into buyers of the product.

Although many brands do this simply by marketing using flyers and menus, it can be difficult to further convert first-time customers into repeat buyers who choose their takeaway over well-known, cheaper ones.

A brand loyalty scheme is a tool that can help to convert customers and shift them along the brand loyalty ladder until they become advocates for the brand. This helps to further marketing, with word-of-mouth being an effective method of gaining customers.

How do food and beverage brand loyalty programmes work for takeaways?

With Reward-It’s brand loyalty management software, you can easily allow your customers to earn points when they buy your food, no matter who they purchase it through.

In the cloud-based software, you can generate unique QR codes that contain a set number of loyalty points. These can then be printed on your packaging (such as on a business card or stickers on a pizza box), and all your customer needs to do is scan the code with their smartphone to redeem the points.

The points can be redeemed for rewards that you set. This can be a discount on your food, branded merchandise, or even a free sample. Offering your customers rewards can also be an ideal way to launch a new dish, or to get rid of stock that isn’t moving as quickly as you’d like.

As your customers begin to sign up to your brand loyalty programme, you can use the software’s built-in marketing tools to communicate directly with your members. The email marketing system features a simple drag-and-drop builder, a collection of pre-made templates, and allows you to set up automated emails such as welcome emails, birthday discounts, and more.

You can also apply custom fields to your database, allowing you to record customer data like what product they prefer, where they shop, and more. These fields can be filled out using a registration form that you can send to new members using your email broadcasting system.

Alongside the loyalty and marketing features, the cloud-based software is updated in real-time, meaning you can view statistics using a built-in analytical dashboard. The figures you can see include the number of points you have given away, the number of points redeemed, the amount of times your QR codes have been scanned, and the rewards that have been redeemed most to name a few.

These statistics allow you to analyse the successes of your brand loyalty programme and refine your business plans, reducing any unnecessary costs and allowing for cash injections in other areas of your business that can help you to compete against household brands.

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