Benefits of E-Learning


If there is one thing that’s certain about 2020 is that it will most definitely go down in history and unfortunately, not for the right reasons.

It’s brought us a war against an invisible enemy, unemployment, money worries, division and a serious change in the way we live our lives.

But it’s also brought us opportunities.

There’s been opportunities for new business ventures and opportunities to re-assess our lives and make changes where we need to. It’s made us think about our careers and the next steps we need to take.

It may have been forced upon us but that doesn’t mean it has to be negative.

The internet has become more important than ever before. We have relied on it for many things including staying in touch with our friends and families, online networking and business meetings.

But it’s been popular for one other reason. Personal development.

There has been a huge rise in individuals taking up new hobbies, trying different things and working on their own personal development.

Online courses have become the norm. And the great thing about them is that they fit into your life. No compromises, it’s all about you.

E-Learning has officially taken off and it’s no wonder. There are a huge amount of benefits to it and we are here to let you know what they are.

The benefits of E-Learning

First and foremost, the purpose of e-learning is that you can participate at home. There are no travel costs, no commutes, no unnecessary expenses, just you, a laptop and the tranquillity of your own home.

Then, there’s the lack of deadlines. If you sign up to the right e-learning program, you can do it in your own time at your own pace. No pressure, no-one breathing down your neck, it can simply fit in around your lifestyle.

It can be bite sized. Research shows that we are more likely to retain information if it comes in small modules. You don’t have to sit there for hours listening or reading. Short bite size chunks of information are the way forward.

E-Learning can be a combination of visual and written content which means the style will keep you interested and it’s easier to consume.

You can repeat it. There is no pressure to take it all in at once. When you’re learning online, you will be able to repeat the module as many times as you need to be able to take it all in.

It may evolve. Particularly with e-learning memberships, it’s likely that more and more content will be added so during the membership period, the subjects will be kept fresh and relevant.

And not forgetting the impact on the environment. The more people who learn online, the better for the planet.

As online activities and social media have increased, when it comes to e-learning, there’s bound to be a community. These are people who are going through the same or similar life changes to you and there will be a way for you all to connect and support each other.

It’s for these and many more reasons that we believe that e-learning will be a big part of our futures. We are all more conscious about travelling and meeting with strangers and this provides the perfect solution.

At Career Catapult, we saw an opportunity to help those who were facing work related difficulties. Having years of experience in the recruitment industry, we knew that the job market was going to get extremely tough.

Whether you are facing or have been through redundancy, are looking to take the first steps on the career ladder or are seeking a complete change, our e-learning platform will help to give you the skills you need to succeed.

Most importantly to us is the community we are building. This is a time when we all need a little extra support and that’s what we aim to provide.

Whatever it is you are looking for, whichever direction your personal development takes you in, there is a program out there for you. Do you research, list your goals and choose the one that meets your needs.

Always on hand for advice if you need it.