Believe and you will Achieve – Make Your Dreams Come True Day


It is the beginning of the year and a perfect time to begin your journey in making your dreams and aspirations come true!

‘Make Your Dreams Come True Day’ is for everyone to celebrate and focus on their goals. It is said by HappyDays365 that ‘all of us will have dreams in life, and most often we let our dream remain just a dream. It is necessary to take some efforts to make your dream come true.’ So today, is a reminder to make things happen for yourself.

Setting yourself goals that you want to reach and achieving your dreams is what we strive to make possible for all our young people in all four of our projects.

Achieve: Those with learning difficulties and special needs
Aspire: Those at risk of offending or criminal exploitation
Attain: Those who are care leavers
Affirm: Those who have mental health or emotional needs

Many young people are unsure of their purpose in life before they join us at Transitions UK, but this is where our incredible staff and volunteers help guide them using their passions, skills, and hobbies to create their own PATH plan.

This is one of the main exercises we do with the young person – creating A PATH plan – which allows for them to identify their own goals and plan their milestones over a 2–3-year period. We then work to help them to achieve it. Over the course of this time, our team will support and guide them to help complete these goals through mentoring, befriending and personal development support as well as helping provide work and education opportunities.

The PATH plan helps us understand what the young person needs and wants – and to consider what we can provide for them in terms of opportunities and development.

Hear from some of our Achieve beneficiaries on what their dreams are for the future:

At Transitions UK, we aim to take our vulnerable young people and guide them into independent living. That was demonstrated beautifully by so many of our young people’s dreams being along the lines of wanting to be able to drive, having their own families and travelling around. Some want their own business, others a chosen career path.

We encourage our young people to make their dreams a reality and through positive reinforcement, good mental attitudes, a clear development plan – all their personal goals can be accomplished!

One of our Affirm beneficiaries shared that
“It’s not how you start it’s how you finish! – With college I didn’t start well because I dropped out, but I went back, and I’ve finished well”
That is a fantastic outlook – not wanting to give up and trying again to get to where you want to be.

We support our young people’s goals – big or small – and we always aim to provide young people with the right guidance and support to achieve them!

If you want to volunteer and change lives – including your own – by supporting them with life skills and development, register your interest today!

If you are a business, that could provide amazing opportunities for our young people such as work experience, internships, apprenticeships, or workshops then reach out to to share your ideas on how we can collaborate with each other.