Beginners Guide To Price Sign Printers


Many small to medium-sized retailers need to print high-quality price signs to display important consumer information, such as allergens, nutritional guidance, and, of course, the product’s price. A lot of companies may not know initially the most effective and affordable way to do this. This can be frustrating, especially if you want your business to continue to grow, improve its customer experience, and increase sales.

However, there are a variety of price signs ideal for beginners that can benefit retailers across a wide range of sectors. All you need to know is where to start, which includes what printers, plastic cards, and printer software as well as advisable add-ons most fit your company’s needs.

It’s simple, in many cases, to purchase a printer bundle that includes everything a small to medium-sized retailer needs to get started printing price signs. Buying a bundle is often also cheaper than purchasing individual equipment and products. To understand the right type of printer your company needs, it’s important to know what you need to start printing.

Price Sign Printers For Beginners

What Do I Need To Start Printing?

  • Printer: Allow you to print on high-quality plastic cards in a range of colours, designs, and sizes.
  • Plastic Cards: Should be the correct size that’s compatible with your chosen printer.
  • Printer Software: Converts data that needs to be printed into a format that a printer understands.
  • Printer Ribbons: Used to alternate colours that are housed in a cartridge.
  • Advisable: Things that should be purchased alongside a printer such as warranty and cleaning kits.

Everything You’ll Need To Get Started


Printer bundles include everything a retailer needs to begin printing single-sided price signs right away. The PriceCardPro Flex Bundle allows you to print on plastic cards taken straight out of the box. All it takes is seconds to create a high-quality price tag you can put on display without even needing to laminate it.

The type of plastic cards included in the bundle is black, durable, and easy to clean. They’re perfect for saving on costs as they’re reusable, so you don’t have to continuously invest in printing new cards. However, when you do need to reprint a sign, the software’s database stores all your price sign designs, so they’re available at the click of a button.

Plastic Cards

For a retailer beginning to print price signs, they need to decide on the size and colour their store needs. When purchasing a bundle, you’re provided with an initial group of price signs in the size that fits the printer. Buying plastic cards separate from a bundle means you have to choose compatible cards. The second-factor your brand needs to focus on is the colour you want for your price signs.

The ideal material for retail signs is plastic cards. They’re…

  • More durable than laminated signs.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Have a distinctive style.
  • Simple to display product information.
  • Able to highlight allergens and nutritional info.
  • Able to ensure legislation is maintained.

If you’re an organisation looking to begin the printing process, you can purchase plastic cards in bulk. This is an affordable way to organise and set up your business’s supply of retail signs for the long term. As printed plastic signs are the most durable option on the market, they save you time and money.

Plastic price signs are the ideal alternative to investing in replacements and spending time printing them. However, price sign printer software makes the reprinting process easier as previous designs can be stored in a simple to access database.

Price Sign Software

Price sign software is a valuable resource for retailers using a price sign printer bundle. It allows your company to catalogue existing price tag designs, so they can be reprinted at the click of a button. While you have the option to create unique price signs, the software gives you the choice of existing templates, which saves time and allows you to roll out signs quickly.

The software offers the user a design package that is easy to use to create signs designed for your business’s requirements. Instead of complicated, time-consuming programs, the software focuses on delivering a painless user experience without sacrificing the quality of the design in favour of business productivity. It’s easy to reposition any images or text to create the ideal retail signs for your company’s needs that displays information.

What To Avoid

  • Congesting the surface of the card so information is ineligible.
  • Not clearly the most important information.
  • Picking a card based on one reason, rather than for multiple purposes.
  • Bombarding the customer with too much information.
  • Not keeping the design aligned with existing branding, use a unique style but one that complements the rest of your store.

Every retailer needs a price sign printer that can print high-quality price signs efficiently and quickly. To find the best printer bundle for you and your business, get in contact today, our team is always happy to help.