Be your own boss without the shackles of being your own landlord


Running a business, regardless of whether it is small, medium or large comes with a lot of costs, but by choosing a serviced office space at Bragborough Hall Business Centre, you can be your own boss without being your own landlord too.

The costs involved in running a business can be significant.
Whether it’s paying huge sums to make sure your business complies with GDPR legislation or paying for heat, water, electric, and of course building insurance, the costs mount up.
And that’s not the end of the spending.

A fully kitted out modern office is expensive to create and even more costly to maintain.
A modern office needs high-speed Wi-Fi to stay connected to customers.
The business owner might even consider air conditioning for those humid summer days.
A working phone line is essential, allowing staff to speak directly with customers and suppliers.
And don’t forget about health and safety and fire compliance, that will quickly eat into a lot more of your cash flow.

Add in ergonomic chairs and desks as well as equipment and the total cost could run into tens of thousands of pounds.
With COVID-19 changing the familiar ways of working, you will also have to factor in strict cleaning regimes and social distancing measures.
Say hello to your new all-inclusive office.

With no long-term contracts or commitments and no worrying about utility bills, Bragborough Hall Business Centre allows you to be your own boss without the shackles of being a landlord too.
Simply show up and switch on for one simple, transparent fee with no long-term contract obligations!

If you would like Bragborough Hall Business Centre to be the home for your business contact us today on 01788 892000 or email

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