Be Better Than Your Average Interviewer…

At Four Talent we believe the days of rigid interviews should be long gone..

A solid interview gives every candidate a fair chance at showcasing their strengths but an excellent interview allows people on both sides a chance to get to know something about each other, to help inform a decision about whether they can work together. Interviews can and should have more questions that allow a flow of conversation and encourage people to open up.

The goal for an interview isn’t to judge people based on right and wrong answers, but rather to gain deeper insights into their individuality. Such an approach allows interviewers to understand how candidates think, the values they uphold, and what truly matters to them.

Interviewers who share something about themselves automatically encourage the same from candidates – it’s a decision making process for candidates too remember.

Here’s just some of our favourites we like to ask at interview…

What are you learning right now?

A growth mindset is key for any progressive culture and this question allows candidates to talk about their approach to self-led development. Plus, we love it because it’s always genuinely interesting to find out what people are learning (just last week we had a Marketing candidate talk about their recent enrolment on ‘the art of keeping beautiful garden pots’!)

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done, and how did it shape your perspective on life and work?

Adventure is a great teacher, and this question invites candidates to share personal experiences that shaped their outlook. Whether it’s backpacking across Europe or starting a business from scratch, their response provides a window into their resilience, adaptability, and willingness to embrace challenges – a valuable asset in any workplace.

Tell us a funny or memorable mistake you made at work and what you learned from it.

Mistakes happen! And this question creates a safe space for candidates to reflect on their professional journey. The ability to share a humorous or insightful story demonstrates humility, self-awareness, and a commitment to continuous improvement. It also gives a glimpse into their problem-solving skills and capacity to learn from setbacks.

We LOVE adding to our repertoire and will continue to add more questions over the coming months.

Please do get in touch if you want to spice up your approach to interviewing, we’d love to help.