Attention Business owners and your websites


Hi Guys n Gals,

Spring has finally sprung (I think) for us in the UAS (drone) world, as we approach the Crazzzzzy season! In fact, I do believe it has already started for us at Ise Up Aerial Image & Video. We’re in the middle of planning a gaggle of aerial image and video shoots, roof/building inspections and mapping surveys for a varied mix of trades and industries. At this very moment we’re getting a tad excited with the final video shot preparations for a local haulage contractor who wants to drive (see what I did there) his website into the 21st Century by using aerial videos and images of his trucks, trailers and premises on a brand new website. So please have a think about updating your website and see if having an aerial video and or images of your company premises, site, fleet, group staff photograph, will benefit you. After all, using aerial images and videos certainly lifts you above the rest! Bringing attention and retention.

Should you require a roof/building inspection, or a mapping survey to use for planning a building project, fencing, carpark/path layout, or just to know the measurements, dimensions, area footage/acreage, topographical/environmental features. Whichever, visit our website for further details on our aerial image and video services and drop us a few lines on an email to arrange a chin-wag when it suits you. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

All the best