Are you listening to the whole audience?


There are so many touch-points that are important in delivering your experience in the best way to your customers. Meeting these expectations and delivering on the ideal customer outcome requires the people in the business to have awareness and then act with purpose on the insights they glean.

The convergence of feedback generated by these 5 key listening posts provides a rounded reality of the business operating environment.
Quite often businesses will measure 2 or 3 of these with focus being on the voice of process! –
Those business KPi’s which are used to set targets and bonus employees against.

However, listening to these 5 combined measurement points gives a more balanced set of insights which provide the levers you can adjust to optimise performance:

Voice of Customer – Split into 2 listening posts Transactional and Relational touch-points to collect and understand the business engagement in the eyes of the customer

Voice of Employees – Are employees seeing this the same way as customers or is there an experience expectation gap? Do employees understand the business purpose and the vision enough to relay it to customers?

Voice of Service – measured by mystery shopping using personas and genuine customers to create realistic scenarios and measure service delivery and the effectiveness of any training and translation of brand purpose through your employees.

Voice of Process – the impact on the business KPIs and the tracking of performance measurements is still key to operating. However, the drive and purpose should not start with this as an outcome.

Voice of Market – understanding the direction and trends in your market and parallel markets can be just as important listening to your current customer base. Where is the share of mind as well as share of wallet? Will you remain in the evoke set for decision making or are you at risk from competitors in your existing or new market bubbles?

Measure the wrong thing or in the wrong way and you may be making decisions on duff data which is more dangerous than not measuring at all!

Each of the measurement processes starts with a degree of mapping of the journey. The creation of correct personas is the basis for a good mystery shopping and VoC programme in order to generate realistic scenarios. This identifies the channels and methods that best suit your feedback collection, providing access to your audience. Too few organisations start with these basic CX principles.