Allotment Project


At Accommodation Concern, we are passionate about encouraging our residents to spend their free time exploring what they truly enjoy and building valuable skills in these areas. This year, we are excited to say that some of our residents have created an allotment project at one of our supported accommodation properties: ‘Grow Happy Garden’ is currently being planted with many varieties of fruit and veg and is providing a calming space away from everyday life for our residents. The garden has been transformed from a space that was underused and overgrown to a place that can provide organic fruit and veg, and a place to step outside, take a deep breath in nature, and get your hands dirty! The impact of spending time in the great outdoors, away from the stresses of everyday life is well known to have a positive effect on poor mental health, and we have seen so much positivity and proactivity come from those involved in the project already, and it is only just beginning! The potential for the allotment space is massive, and thanks to one of our residents taking the lead on the project going forward, the possibilities are endless! We can’t wait to see how this garden grows!