Achieve: Expressing Emotions


Many of us feel isolated or alone, and if you struggle with communication, then as a young person, this can be an extremely tough time. Try these ways to express your emotions and needs:

1) Communication and emotion cards can help to articulate and identify your feelings. There are many downloadable cards and resources online, or you could make your own. If you prefer, you can draw faces with different emotional expressions and write about how they feel. You could keep the cards in a box, or you could link them onto a keyring or lanyard. Small portable cards give you more freedom, as they are easy to take with you on any outing. You can use these cards to think about how you feel in a situation or how someone else has made you feel.

2) Writing can help to express our various emotions and feelings. For example, we can be creative when we write a story. When we journal or write in a diary, we can create a safe space for our thoughts and feelings. By completing a journal entry, we can release and let go of emotions whilst simultaneously understanding, clarifying, and controlling how we feel. When we write more, we worry significantly less. Then, as time passes, when we reread our old notes, we can reflect and give significance to the experiences that have influenced our lives. If you are worried someone may find your journal, then try writing your thoughts out on the computer and deleting it, or you could rip the paper up. You will still be able to release your emotions.

3) Being creative is a great way to express deep-seated emotions. We can create things to be enjoyed or make things to represent and mean something. Some people express their emotions through their voice (spoken word poets, singers, rappers), movement (dance) or their hands (pottery, artists). It can be fun to experiment with different creative outlets. Not only are you adding to the world, but you’re managing your own life experiences.

Sometimes it can feel frustrating when you can’t communicate your feelings to others. Take time to find ways that work for you so that you can express your thoughts and emotions to the people around you. Remember that patience plays a large role; everyone is different, but you’ll find something that suits you and your needs.