A Happy Office Is A Clean Office


A happy office is a clean office.

An individual who works 40 hours a week from the age 18 to age 65 will have spent around 14% of their life being employed. In other words this equals about 11 years of their life! We devote an immense amount of time at work so it is important we feel content and relaxed in our work surroundings

Therefore a clean and tidy office makes our work life simpler and will eliminate certain germs that can spread ailment and illness. Obviously you can use our services to guarantee the workplace is clean. There are also things that everybody in the workplace can do to provide a clean working enviroment.

When your cleaner is expected try a couple of things that will enable them to be more effective. Where permitted remove paperwork from surfaces. Clear your work area of mugs and plates and lastly ensure all trash is placed in the waste bin. These are easy tips that will empower your cleaner to be more intensive. The more the cleaner can see the better they can clean.

A Clean Working Environment is a Happy One

Most importantly communication with your cleaner is key. If something is missed or needs cleaning differently let us know. Openness is of the utmost importance for any fruitful relationship. Our dedicated customer support team make regular calls to our commercial cleaning clients. This helps to ensure everything has been done satisfactorily. In conclusion we can help you make it a happy clean office.

Here at Workplace Cleaning Solutions, we offer a wide range of thorough cleaning services. Our team of cleaners pay attention to detail and perform consistently high quality cleans for commercial properties of all sizes. For more information about our services, contact us on 01604 791799.

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