6 Great Solutions for Your Next Event


Low-cost solutions for budget events

The second half of 2021 has seen events return as close to normality as possible – from sports to music to business. Times have changed slightly however, so it’s important to ensure that all staff and attendees of your event stay safe. Lanyards, card holders, and more can help with this, and ID Card Centre will help you to meet any requirements.

We also know that, following the industry’s enforced shutdown during the pandemic, budgets are tight. We’re dedicated to working alongside you to find the most effective solutions at a great price, and where possible, we will match or even beat any quotes that you’ve received.

We’ve listed our best low-cost solutions below.

Antimicrobial materials

To help reassure staff and attendees and reduce the risk of germs spreading, consider switching to antimicrobial materials. Products made from this are finished with a layer of an antimicrobial agent which will restrict the growth of germs, bacteria, and viruses.

We are able to offer several ID and security products that are coated in an antimicrobial agent, and they are ideal for helping to ensure event safety.


Blue antimicrobial cardholder


Lanyards can be used in a wide range of ways suitable for events. They can be plain, pre-printed, or custom printed with your logo.

Plain lanyards can be used as a low-cost solution for events. With a variety of colours available, you can match your event branding and hand them out upon arrival to display your staff and attendees’ event name badges.

Another way you can use different coloured plain lanyards is with the traffic light system. By using red, yellow, and green lanyards, you can allow staff and delegates the opportunity to express their comfort level when it comes to social distancing and other risk reduction strategies. With our easy-to-order packs, you can order as many or as few of each colour depending on your needs.

Pre-printed lanyards can help differentiate between staff and attendees, with lanyards dedicated to positions such as “volunteer”, “visitor”, “staff”, and more. They come in a range of colours so you aren’t limited to just one type of lanyard – instead, you can match or complement your event’s branding.

Low-cost solutions for budget events


If you’re looking for a bespoke touch, lanyards can be printed with your logo for personalisation. It doesn’t matter how basic or detailed your logo is, as it can easily be replicated on the material.

All lanyards come with health and safety breakaway mechanisms as standard to ensure peace of mind, and you can choose from a range of plastic or metal clips to attach your ID cards.

ID cardholders

For easier display of event badges, ID card holders feature a punched hole that simply clip onto lanyards. There are a range of choices, including coloured open-faced holders in both landscape and portrait, vinyl pouches to protect cards whilst still making them readable, inserts with pins for attaching to clothing, and even card holders that feature a door opener attachment for hygienic purposes.

All of these are ideal for events of all kinds, and most can be sanitised and reused.

Badge printing solutions

For single use event ticket printing, our Evolis Zenius Eco Printer Bundle is ideal. It is an out of the box solution that allows you to print high-quality cardboard name badges for your staff and attendees whilst remaining sustainable and eco-friendly.

It comes with everything you need to get started, including:

  • Evolis Zenius ID card printer
  • Card printing software
  • Monochrome printer ribbon
  • 100 Evolis paper cards
  • 100 black lanyards

Evolis Zenius Eco Printer Bundle Solution


This bundle prints monochrome tickets and badges, using reduced energy to remain powerful yet still sustainable. With a weight of only 3.3kg, it can easily be transported to different venues.

If you’re struggling to find the time to print your event badges, why not utilise ID Card Centre’s in-house printing service? With our online card builder, you can easily and quickly get a quote and place an order for printed cards. We can even design your card for you – all you need to do is send us the data and wait for them to be shipped to you. For quantities of 100 or more, contact us for a full quote.


If you only need a short-term event pass printing solution, we offer ID card printer rentals. There are three types to choose from, depending on the usage you need from printers and the requirements your badges have. You can also add additional items like cards and software, or even a laptop fully loaded with your event design ready to print.

All printer rentals are intuitive and can be rented for a minimum period of 7 days, with no maximum period.

XL badges

If you find that you cannot fit all the information you need on your event badges, we offer oversized card printers so you can add elements without compromising on anything else. We also feature XL printers on our rental options.

XL Lanyards for events or social gatherings

For more information on low-cost identity solutions for events, please get in touch with your requirements. Our experienced, knowledgeable team will be happy to help.