5 Reasons Farm Shops Should Use Price Signs


Price signs are an important part of the shopping experience, providing customers with valuable information in a way that is both simple for the retailer and easy for the customer to digest. For farm shops, price signs should be a guaranteed sight, as these businesses offer plenty of products that require highlighting price, nutritional information, and ingredients lists. Not only will this entice more customers who might like a particular flavour or taste, but it’s also extremely important in helping to keep customers with allergies safe by alerting them to any potential reactions to that product.

 Angled price sign holder

If you’re still unsure, here are five important reasons why your shop needs price signs:

1. It’s Time Saving!

If you’re running a business, it’s very likely that you’ll be busy looking after customers, stocking items and many other tasks that can be time-consuming. When you buy price signs for your shop, you’re saving yourself both time and energy that could be used for other tasks. You’re also helping to save time for your customers, who won’t have to wait around for an answer about a product that could easily be displayed above the product itself.

2. Compliant with the Law

It’s extremely important to make sure you’re following legislation correctly, including recent additions such as the calorie count. Why?

It will prevent you from getting into legal trouble for not following the requirements, whether that’s a monetary fine or a criminal sentence. Just by purchasing price signs, you can easily add any relevant product information outlined by the legislation and be assured that you’ve correctly followed the law.

If customers see that you’re not compliant with the regulations, they might think twice before purchasing an item from your shop.

3. They’re Attractive

Price signs come in a wide range of colours and sizes, perfect for catching the eyes of your customers as they’re walking through the aisles. There are also plenty of customisable options to help your card stand out further. You can highlight key info with a splash of colour, add your own logo for brand recognition or use a metallic gold printer ribbon to make the text pop!

Fresh lemon slices on display

For further information or highlighting, you can also buy a promotional topper that sits on top of the price sign and has a pre-printed message such as ‘Special Offer’, ‘Festive Favourite’, or even information such as ‘Gluten Free’.

4. They’re Durable

One of the key benefits of price signs over the traditional pen and paper method is its durability. Rather than taking time to produce signs that you’ll have to regularly throw away and replace, these plastic price signs take just minutes to print in batches. They’re sturdy, and the hard-wearing plastic means that there’s no need for lamination.

5. They’re Hygienic

Price signs on bakery product display

On top of their durability, these plastic price signs are far more hygienic than regular paper signs. Despite the effort being put into manually writing them out, your paper signs will have to be replaced due to wear and tear and potential contamination. This isn’t an issue for plastic price signs which are waterproof, making them easier to clean and far more enduring to wear and tear.

Overall, price signs are a fantastic investment for farm shops of all sizes, enabling them to attract customers to their products, be compliant with any legislation and save money in the long-term by having easy-to-use, reusable signs that are quick to produce.

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