5 Key Benefits of Investing in Portable Lifting Trolleys


If you want to improve warehouse efficiency, the answer is simple. Invest in agile and ergonomic top-quality portable lifting trolleys. Learn how lifting trolleys could be the answer to enhancing logistics operations in a warehouse environment. Using a lifting trolley solution can increase productivity and ROI, create a safe working environment and improve employee retention.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Lifting trolleys offer superior manoeuvrability for easy loading and unloading of goods. This eliminates typical problems such as excessive strain on the body, enhancing employee well-being and productivity. They also shorten the duration of product transportation tasks, ultimately improving overall productivity.

Reduced Risk of Injury for Warehouse Workers

Investing in quality lifting trolleys
reduces the risk of manual handling injuries for warehouse workers. Using a reliable lifting trolley eliminates the need to lift heavy items manually, thus significantly reducing the potential risk of injury. This ensures that staff are able to complete their tasks safely and quickly with minimal hassle.

Improved Accuracy of Picking Processes

In addition to being safe, lifting trolleys improve the accuracy of the picking process. Their accuracy can increase orders’ overall quality and prevent the shipment of incorrect goods. Furthermore, these trolleys provide efficient loading and unloading of items in carts with minimal energy input, leading to quicker returns on investment. This means staff spend less time loading goods into vehicle-based delivery systems, thus improving overall warehouse operations performance.

Reduced Shipping Errors & Mishaps

Employees who use lifting trolleys to load and unload goods can rapidly identify goods that have been incorrectly ordered. This helps to reduce shipping errors, as goods that contain mistakes are identified immediately and can be corrected without extra costs due to the omissions. Furthermore, portable lifting trolleys help consolidate orders quickly, reducing mishaps caused by packaging errors. Because staff do not need to move goods independently from one area to another, it eliminates the risk of sending the wrong items during delivery.

Increased Warehouse Space Utilization

Lifting trolleys are designed to maximize the available warehouse and storage space. They can arrange goods in much smaller spaces, allowing warehouses to maintain more items anytime. Additionally, this enables the close tracking of merchandise, quickly identifying items that have been incorrectly shipped or stored. Ultimately, warehousing practices equipped with lifting trolleys can help logistics operations
increase effectiveness and agility in their supply chain processes.

TAWI offers a range of portable lifting trolleys for efficiently handling all sorts of goods. The robust and user-friendly frame can be easily adapted in height, width and strength to meet the needs of the business.

Lightweight Lifting Trolley

TAWI’s lightweight lifting trolley is engineered for handling goods in cramped and tight spaces. Its compact and lightweight design means it’s easy to drive and is the best solution for handing goods down narrow aisles, offices and small spaces.

Our lifting trolleys offer all the versatility and flexibility to make manual handling of goods efficient, speedy and safe.

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