10+ Reasons To Choose Custom Software Development Rather Than Prebuilt Solution

Custom-to-need process automation in businesses has become imperative to stay competitive and grow in a challenging marketplace. Many aspects of conventional business processing retard the growth silently. As the competition in every business sector is getting intense with emerging new challenges, a switch to modern practices of business processing has become inevitable. Hiring a prominent custom software development company for bespoke software development to automate a number of tasks based on data-driven information is the best time-tested solution to compete and achieve a sustainable growth rate.

What Is Custom Software?

Custom software or bespoke software is conceptualised, designed, and developed to automate the particular workflow of a business to bridge the efficient gaps. Specially developed for a particular business, bespoke software addresses the identified performance gaps of a business. Bespoke or custom software development is started only after deciding customisation level that identifies the particular customer’s requirements. Custom software development can be segregated into three categories –

1. The bespoke software development is started from scratch using conventional methods.

2. Semi-customised software development doesn’t change the code of existing software and uses

the same framework to tweak the code the add new functionalities.

3. Copied software development uses the same source code that your competitors might be using

but some tweaks to code alter certain features and functionalities under a limit.

What Is Prebuilt Software Or Off-The-Shelf Software?

Off-the-shelf software or prebuilt software is made available as a package for a range of audience and business processing. These are developed keeping in mind the requirements of multiple users. However, off-the-shelf software often fails to fulfill the specific needs of process automation of a particular business. In addition, the opportunity to have a competitive advantage can be lost since all your competitors use the same software. Some examples of off-the-shelf software are SAP, Quickbooks, Zoho CRM, Salesforce, BMC, etc.

Difference Between Custom Software Development & Prebuilt Software Solution

Custom software or bespoke software is developed for a particular company in line with the particular business processing. Off-the-shelf software or prebuilt software solution is readily available in a standard format; it allows some of its features and functionalities according to particular business processing.

Prebuilt software solutions often fall short of meeting the specific needs of a business leaving a number of features unused. Custom software is adapted to automate the intended processes of a business, whereas off-the-shelf or prebuilt software puts compulsion to adapt its capabilities.

Criteria Custom software solutions Prebuilt software solutions
100% customisation
Fast implementation
Technical support
Adaptable to changing needs

Ten Reasons Why Businesses Need Custom Software For Workflow Automation

Ten Reasons Why Businesses Need Custom Software for Workflow Automation

According to Statista’s report, the software development market in the UK is expected to grow @ 6.42% CAGR up to 2028. It shows the strengthening trust of businesses in automation software solutions. An increasing number of businesses are hiring dedicated custom software developers from reputed business software development companies to bridge the efficiency gaps.

Any leading business software development company in the UK offers both – bespoke software development and off-the-shelf software development. Here I list ten reasons that support the choice of hiring custom software developers for bespoke software development, integration, and deployment-

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