Mental Health First Aid

This 2-day course will allow you to become part of the largest MHFAider® community in England, gaining access to resources, ongoing learning and 24/7 digital support through our MHFAider Support App®, to give you the tools and knowledge you need to carry out the role effectively and confidently, whether that be in your workplace, a volunteer role, or in the community.

Commodity Codes

Suitable for complete beginners or experienced operators who feel the need to refresh their knowledge. This course looks at understanding Commodity Codes, why they’re needed, and who is responsible. Several practical exercises are included in this course to ensure attendees have a strong understanding of Commodity Codes.

Advanced Excel

Do you already have good knowledge of Excel? Then this one’s for you! This course builds on your prior knowledge and will progress you further by using some of the more complex Excel functions, bringing your ability to a new level using new formulas and analysing data effectively.

How to Win Business using Social Media

This training session has been designed to develop your skills, to help you to fully understand how social media works and how to maximise its potential. By the end of this course, delegates will have a strong knowledge of how social media works and how it will benefit your business.

Sales for Beginners

This workshop has been developed to help two types of individuals, those who are not natural salespeople who would like to learn sales techniques and those who would like to brush up their sales skills. In this workshop, we take the fear out of sales and give you basic sales skills that will help you win more business.

Import Procedures including IP & OP

The course provides an overview of the end-to-end import process and reviews all the areas that would be applicable to a new supplier, to include country and supplier risk, payment risk etc. It will review documentation requirements and how to ensure goods are imported successfully to include duty payments and an overview of the available Special Procedures.

Letters of Credit & Methods of Payment

The course provides an overview of all methods of payment when trading internationally to include the risks and benefits involved. It will then concentrate on the Letter of Credit aspect guiding you through the rules of managing a letter of credit, making sure documents are compliant and payment is successful.

Powerspeak – Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

This course is designed to enhance public speaking and presentation abilities. It focusses on voice control, overcoming public speaking anxiety, effective body language, and practical scenario training. The aim is to build confidence and improve communication skills for a variety of professional contexts.

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