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Rob White Mentoring Ltd

Rob has devoted hundreds of hours investing in educating himself through training courses. 

His qualifications include certifications in Managing Challenging Behaviours, Self-harm, Suicide Prevention, CPD in Knife Crime Awareness & DDP levels 1 & 2. 

In order to fully understand the complexities and the diligence it takes to be a fully involved mentor to vulnerable children and young adults. He has pledged to dedicate himself, to providing a safe place for his mentees for the rest of his career.

RWM offers a unique holistic therapy package, which has great results for helping suicide prevention, depression, self-harming, mental health issues, anxiety, and much more.

RWM has access to a team of professionals and advisors, which include a Consultant Psychiatrist, Substance Misuse and General Psychiatry. BSL is supported in all faculties and we work in partnership with Social Workers.

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