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Northamptonshire Rape Crisis

Northamptonshire Rape crisis provides independent, free, confidential advice following rape and sexual abuse. This may include access to short or long -term specialist sexual violence trauma informed counselling. Through our Independent Sexual Violence Advisor team we offer information on the options available for those who wish to report to the police, as well as advocacy and emotional support for those going through the criminal justice process.

We are a countywide organisation and supported almost 1000 people in 2023. Our services are offered to anyone (non-offending) women, men, non-binary people and young people 14+ who have been impacted by sexual violence. This includes the family, partners and friends of victim/survivors. 

Whether an assault happened recently or many years ago, we exist to support people across Northamptonshire through their recovery process. From helping if someone is in crisis as well as providing long-term counselling.

We deliver specialist training to external agencies to understand the impacts of all forms of sexual violence. This includes Northamptonshire Police.

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