discounts 10%  Completion of Information Governance Toolkit

The Information Governance Toolkit is a tool to help organisations which process NHS patient information implement good Information Governance standards. Completion of the IG Statement of Compliance is one of the terms and conditions for access to a number of services, including the N3 network. It is also a contractual requirement for most tenders that organisations achieve level 2 compliance. The process requires that organisations undertake an annual IG assessment using the IG Toolkit and accept the IG Assurance Statement. The consequences of not being IG compliant for organisations dealing with personal Identifiable Data or suffering a data breach from an IT system or physical records are quite serious. In addition to the reputational damage, the Information Commissioner’s office has the statutory power to impose financial penalties. To support organisations with this assurance process, we can provide advice and support with IG Toolkit completion to include data uploads, use and adaption of our up to date policies and procedures, confidentiality spot checks and staff training updates on good Information Governance practices.

Expiry Date: 29th Jun 2017