English for your workforce

Up-skill your workforce by providing your foreign employees with English Language lessons at their place of work. Book an initial assessment now and let us help you up-skill your staff. Do you employ foreign drivers? We can improve their English to B1 level and prepare them for the English language exam they need to pass in order to renew their licence. Do you employ foreign workers in the care sector, in the catering industry, in logistics, in engineering, or in any other sector? Is it difficult to communicate with your employees because of their level of English? Let us help you by running classes at your place of work to target their specific language needs and improve their English in the areas you need. Lessons start from only £29 per hour for up to 6 students. NOTE that you pay per hour booked not per student. Contact us today for an initial meeting. Email: info@englishlanguagehouse.co.uk

Expiry Date: 6th May 2017