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1:1 Coaching for Business Owners, Leaders and Teams

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1:1 Coaching for Business Owners, Leaders and Teams

Specific Learning and Coaching are offering 6 coaching sessions for the price of 5 for Chamber Members and their employees

Why have coaching?

Benefit from sharing work/life challenges and working intuitively on your own agenda. Work with Charlotte Green, who will provide tools and techniques to uncover your priorities, understand your drivers and overcome obstacles

We strongly believe that what you think about, affects how you feel and how you feel, affects how you behave so we focus on unravelling the things that are holding you back, changing perception and realising your strengths, enabling you to take action with increased confidence, less stress and a clear action plan

All sessions are strictly P&C

How have we helped others so far…? to name a few…

– Provided managers with the skills and confidence to manage performance of employees and
improve operational challenges in the business
– Created long term business goals and growth plans with business owners and implemented plans
to engage and motivate teams
motivate employees
– Helped reduce stress, overwhelm and increased confidence, working with employees and leaders
in business, reducing over thinking and managing relationships and pressure better as a result

Please get in touch info@specificlc.com
All the best