Happiness Matters


What is Happiness? What makes you happy? People? Activities? Achievements? Memories? Music? Whatever it may be, I know one thing which is true for all of us that it is noticeable when we are unhappy.

Even if you haven’t had a specific diagnosis, you will be able to describe yourself of being unhappy. This will usually be coupled with various other feelings: anger, disappointment, anxiety, distress, confusion.

This is totally normal and the great thing is that there is help whatever your circumstances, situation or depth of feelings.

On any journey the hardest part is taking the first step. We all deserve to be happy. Yes, that means you too. You DESERVE to be happy and we can help you on your journey.

All it takes is that first step. That feeling of “you know what, I’ve had enough of feeling like this, I want it to change”. Come and speak to us at Mediation MK.

We are here for you so let’s get you started on your journey: contact us on 01908 231293

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