Time is Running Out! Have you got your 2024 marketing plan yet?

Marketing 2024

But we haven’t had Christmas yet!! It’s still 2023!! Yes, yes, but if you want to be effective in 2024, the marketing planning needs to start now. It’s already pretty late to start planning!

Luckily for you Sbb Creative can help!

Here is our plucky little info guide to explain why you need to plan and what to do!

Budget: Have you allocated enough resources to achieve your objectives? Tesco value budget can mean Tesco value results. That said, if you are using the free marketing tools available to you, it won’t cost the earth. Having a marketing professional review your budget is definitely advisable to ensure that you are getting the most out of your precious pennies.

The Ideal Customer: Is this still the same as last year? Have there been any industry changes which have impacted your clients and their needs? Make sure your ideal customer is profitable and good to work with for both parties.

The Buyer Journey: The best way is to write down the journey each customer will go through with you. Start at the end. What’s the step before that? The one before that? At each point along the way, identify the clients’ main questions, motivations, and potential objections. Then identify the kinds of content you’ll need to create to meet them at each point along the buyer’s journey. Don’t forget influencers – ensure your contact has the information they need from you to sell your company to theirs internally. What are the CTA’s at each stage? What do you want the client to do? When?

What makes you different?: Speak to your existing clients, ask them why they chose you above everyone else. Use that info carefully. What could make them switch to a different supplier in the future?

Marketing Collateral: Is it up to date, useful and relevant? Print and online content must be useful. Don’t make people read through lots of fluff – they will lose interest and go elsewhere.  Make sure that your style guidelines are being followed and that you are communicating your business’ unique qualities clearly.

Web and Online: They must be designed to attract. Do they need a tweak or a whole new look? Branding and messaging needs to be consistent, informative and educational.

Sales Processes: Do you have a CRM that works for you? Are your sales team following the same process? Is there anything you could automate to make the process slicker? Look for any “dark pools” – times or areas where clients may feel ignored or get lost.

Write It Down!: Document any areas you have identified from carrying out the above. Do you need to develop strategies for content/inbound marketing, social media, lead generation, lead nurturing, or account development?

Measure your Success: Have defined metrics in place for measuring your success. Have team members accountable for each issue. Carry out regular progress meetings to support and advise each other.

What to do next?

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