Trapp’d Launch New Outdoor Experience

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Northamptonshire based Escape Room company Trapp’d, are proud to announce the launch of their new outdoor escape room experience.

Operation Mindfall leads a team around the stunning Billing Aquadrome site, located less than 5 miles from the centre of Northampton.

The game uses cutting edge augmented reality technology, immersing the players in the storyline and allowing for a huge variety of puzzles to be solved.

The premise revolves around a gripping storyline, where a virus for mind control has been unleashed upon humanity. Your team are handpicked as elite agents with a mission of utmost importance. Armed with your skills and unwavering determination, you must infiltrate the heart of darkness to retrieve the antidote.

It is a fantastic mix of practical puzzles and cerebral conundrums as your team walks around the 2km route, using GPS and a case full of gadgets.

All the information for the new challenge and all of the exciting games Trapp’d has to offer, including their Escape and Rage Rooms, can be found at, or email to enquire about booking a team building experience like no other!