I just want a headshot

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OK, no problem, I can do that….


Have a think about this for a moment…

Yes it will show potential clients and colleagues what you look like, but…does it show your personality?

Does it show your values, your mission, your goals?

No.  It only shows your face.

It’s like turning up to a meeting and placing a blown-up passport photo of yourself in you seat at the table and assuming you’ve done your job in showing up.

Yes it shows what you look like, but people can only guess about the person you might be based upon what they see in front of them.

Whereas a brand session allows you to expand on the picture by adding details such as the services you offer, the environment you work in, the types of people you work with as well as who the person is behind the photo, behind the business…what you do outside of work to relax, family time, hobbies etc.

Nowadays potential clients want to see the people behind the business, so that they have a sense of know, like and trust before they’re ready to work with you.

A brand photography session will help show your future clients who you are and how you can help them.

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