Career First After 30yrs in the Industry

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After 34years working as a photographer I had the privilege of an Image being printed in British Vogue. I’ve had many firsts in my career but this one I can tell you is right up there. It may only be a small image in an advertisement feature but its an image I took and I’m proud to have it printed.
The Image was part of a series shot for another Northamptonshire business, Newman & Regent part of the Bennie Group. Back in 2021 I shot both formal product images and less formal editorial images as part of their range expansion and re branding. The image used was a shot I staged whilst walking through the factory looking for interesting locations. We used what I believe was a welting machine as a location. I wasn’t overly excited by the shot at the time but the client and British Vogue seemed to like it.
A Couple of my fashion designer friends are now determined I should get a feature or better still cover image. This time with their garments of course, baby steps perhaps but rest assured if it happens the world will know about it.