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Let’s Talk Net Zero: Join The TANZ Q&A Webinar

We would like to invite all businesses and charities to join us for the Q&A webinar for the TANZ West Northants project. This webinar will hold from 10am-11.15am on Tuesday 24th October.

Come along and unlock the Treasure Chest of Goodies this project has to offer. By joining this webinar, you and your organisation are in for the following treats:

🌟 Project Details: Learn all there is to know about the TANZ West Northants project, its goals, and the impact it can have on your business or charity. You will also be able to have your questions answered, and connect directly with the project team.

🌐 Networking: Connect with like-minded individuals, businesses, and charities committed to attaining a sustainable and greener future by attaining Net Zero.

🌍 Impactful Decisions: Receive support to make informed, sustainable decisions for your organization’s future.

🌱 A Step Toward Net Zero: Be part of a transformative collective action to achieve the goals set by West Northamptonshire Council and the UK government to achieve Net Zero by 2045 and 2050 respectively.

🗣️ Your Voice Matters: Help shape this impactful project with your questions and comments.

💡 Inspiration: Find inspiration to take meaningful steps toward a greener, more profitable and more sustainable future for your business or charity.

💪 Make A Difference: Be part of the solution as we accelerate our push in pursuing the sustainability goals set out in the Northampton Sustainability Accord.

Follow this link to access our registration page: https://slipah.co.uk/event/tanz-west-northants-qa-webinar/

We look forward to welcoming you on the 24th of October.