Looking After Your Pet


One of our tongue in cheek post on Facebook lists the 10 benefits of having a pet. While light-hearted, there is real emotional, social and health benefits to having a pet.

Taking care of pet is a big responsibility, as the saying goes pets are for live, not just for Christmas – or in this current climate, a pandemic impulse.

We know that as living sentient creatures they require a lot from us but in turn they provide immeasurably more, a lot more, once we better understand their breed and personality

Physical Health
We have to make sure that they are fed and watered according to their needs. We should provide them with the amount of exercise needed and an environment that they can thrive in. Looking after their health includes grooming, in addition to their vaccinations and regular check-ups. Even being vigilant to different weather conditions is something to bear in mind.

Knowing how to take care of them in extreme heat or cold is a must.

The RSPCA have a short booklet on how to deal with common pet first aid scenarios. If you get the opportunity do sign up to get a copy.

Mental Health and Wellbeing
Mental stimulation is so important, playing with your pet and giving them opportunities to behave according to their breed and personality will make them more comfortable. In turn this will translate into a happier home. We know that bored pets can lead to anxiety, regression or even destructive behaviour. Interaction is vital, as is training. Doing thing that give your pet pleasure should be high on the list. The following are a few of our favourites: ear rub, cats in a boxes, and hosepipe fun.

If your pet suffers from any mental health issues such as anxiety, have a look at these tips from anxiety week.

Remember for a small amount of extra effort, the rewards are great.

Happy pet ownership.

RSPCA Booklet –https://www.facebook.com/PetDivineUK/posts/287112936472424