Effective Appraisal Skills

The course provides business owners, line managers and leaders with the skills they need to plan and deliver appraisals with confidence. Regular and effective appraisals improve retention, make people feel engaged and motivate them to go the extra mile.

How to hold Difficult Conversations

The purpose of this course is to help you identify what it may be that’s preventing you from having difficult conversations and provide you with strategies to handle them effectively.

Assertiveness Skills

At some time or other most of us give in to people in authority or to those who are dominant or difficult. It stops us achieving our own goals and leaves us feeling inadequate, stressed or angry. This course identifies the behaviour patterns that lead to these situations. Delegates will practice a new set of behaviour patterns to enable them to better control interpersonal situations.

Successful Supervisory Management

This 2-day course will introduce you to some of the tools and techniques essential to the role of Supervisor/Manager and to develop the skills to enable you to manage and motive people effectively and productively.

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