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Ether Solutions Ltd

Automate Boring Work - Feel the Relief. - Reduce manual effort and gain productivity - 24 x 7 - Software Robots

Automate Boring Work - Staff follow business processes by working on IT applications. The repetitive activities for each item of work can be Automated using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software robots which can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver big changes in Productivity.

No changes to the existing IT applications are required. The software robots are able to read from the screen just like a person, simulate typing on the keyboard like a human and simulate mouse clicks & movements. The activity performed is just like a person would do it but there is no manual effort involved.

Automation Solutions for SME, Regional and National businesses. With software robots, operations can take place 24x7 with a variety of tasks being performed.

Staff and managers "Feel the Relief" when software robots complete the routine, regular, repetitive work, leaving time for processing the exceptions, the unusual and the interesting work.

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